Name and Abbreviation

ChristophorusHouse is the name of the house and the eco-model. The name identifies the passive house with its rooms and floors, the sophisticated heating and ventilation technology, the event rooms and the constructed wetlands, the catering kitchen and the logistics centre. The abbreviation CHH describes the department, which brings life into the house: The CHH invites to speeches and seminars. It gives you the exchange of experiences with guests from all over the world.

Events and Meetings

The CHH is the organiser in the ChristophorusHouse. It creates a space for solidary thoughtfulness and ideas. As a partner of MIVA and BBM it sees the one world as a joint task. In its events the CHH brings guests from the south into the conversations, seeks for ways out of the poverty and spans a solidary bridge. The CHH creates out of the innovative ChristophorusHouse, the eco-model and passive house, a highly active house for thinking.  And last, but not least: It knows how to celebrate.


Christine Parzer


Managing Director

+43 7245 / 28945-41

Helga Polzinger


Weltladen & Visitor – Care

+43 7245 / 28636-10

Maria Niedermair-Auer

Weltladen & Visitor – Care

+43 7245 / 28636-10

Michaela Penninger


Weltladen & Visitor – Care

+43 7245 / 28636-10

Inge Bauer


Weltladen & Visitor – Care

Volunteer Employee

Bernhard Bruckbauer

Event – coordinator

+43 7245 / 28945-44